Back on Track,
American Samoa

We are a trauma informed care organization.

Mission Statement

"Working together to promote human dignity, justice and peace;
fostering  restorative justice and social change as a way
to help communities heal and thrive."

Volunteers of American Samoa


Our workforce is our trained volunteers.   
If you or someone you know would like to volunteer and has the time, please contact us.



Ongoing trainings offered regularly where members can build their portfolios.

Village Collaboratives


Networking and working in collaboration with village leaders, churches, companies and various agencies to provide education, awareness, activities and support services at the Village Level. 

Wellness and Recovery


The eight dimensions of  wellness include emotional, financial, social, spiritual, occupational, physical, intellectual and environmental.

WARM Line:
We're happy to announce our:  254-VIBE line.
Whether you want to talk, chat or vent,
we're here for you.  24-hours/day.
All calls confidential.

(684) 254-VIBE (8423)

Peer Support & Support Services


The Keys to Recovery include:

Hope, Personal Responsibility, Education,
and Support.  

Online Peer Support Groups now running.
Call for the link or more info.
Online Groups. Meets weekly.
(Download Zoom app on your
phone or computer to join.)

ONLINE Peer Support Group, American Samoa: Meets Every Sunday at 4:00 pm SST
Meeting ID: 830 0928 4885 

Positive Prison Reentry


Positive Prison Reentry doesn't begin when someone leaves the facility but rather when they enter.  Facilitating programs in the TCF and in the community to promote change and support for individuals as they transition back into society,
thereby reducing recidivism.

Advocacy for Victims of Violence




Batterer Intervention Program


Victim Advocacy for victims of domestic
and sexual violence.

Some victims don't want divorce, they just want the abuse to stop.  Batterer Intervention Programs are about keeping the victim safe, holding perpetrators accountable, and changing behavior.  For info and resources or just to talk, call Mona Uli, Victim Advocate and Domestic Violence Paralegal.  Available 24-hours.  All calls confidential.

24-hour Domestic Violence Info Line:
(684) 258-MONA (6662)

Community Drop-In Center 

 The Community Drop-In Center is a place where anyone can come in and get a cup of coffee and get info & resources, sign up for classes, join a group, etc.  It's all about Connection and Support.

(Community Drop-In Center on hold for now.
Please call to connect or sign up for our programs.  Join our online Peer Support Groups and online Recovery Programs.)

Online Groups.  Meets weekly.
Download Zoom app on your phone or
computer to join.

Data Collection


All information and data gained regarding demographics, services utilized, numbers of people attending and being referred will be shared with the public.  Identifying  information is kept private as we hold confidentiality in high regard.

QPR Gatekeepers of American Samoa

QPR is a suicide prevention intervention that anyone can learn.  QPR stands for Question, Persuade and Refer.  Our goal is the train as many people as possible in American Samoa to be QPR Gatekeepers, equipping them be able to recognize clues and possible risk factors, as well as protective factors.  

Christ-centered 12-Step Program

For all of life's hurts, habits & hang-ups including struggling with
any addiction or compulsive behavior.  

Online Groups. Meets weekly.
Download Zoom app on your phone or computer to join:

ONLINE 12-Step Recovery Group, Am. Samoa:
Meets Every Friday at 10:00 am SST
Meeting ID: 895 4443 5928

Business hours

  • Monday - Thursday
    Appointments only
  • Friday
    09:00 am - 02:00pm
  • Saturday
    Appointments only
  • Sunday


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